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Summer Nosebleeds: Causes & Prevention

Nosebleeds are common and rarely anything serious, but most people don’t expect to experience them during summer months. However, there are seasonal changes that can cause you to be more prone to a bloody nose. They are usually the result of minor irritations in the nasal passages, and most common in children younger than 10 and adults older than 50.

The Nose

The nose is prone to bleeding due to a large number of blood vessels close to the surface, especially in the cartilage of the nasal septum. When these burst, blood may trickle (or in some instances, seep) from the nose. This is most often the result of trauma to the nose, blowing or picking the nose and dry or hot air.

How to Help Prevent Summer Nosebleeds

In the summer, nosebleeds are especially common because hot waves of air or picking at dried mucus can rupture the capillaries in the nose. Here are some preventative measures you can take to avoid summer nosebleeds:

  • Minimize exposure to overly hot weather
  • Use a humidifier in combination with the air conditioner
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking, hot beverages and spicy foods
  • Consume plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep

Two Types of Nosebleeds

Most nosebleeds originate in the front of the nose and are characterized as anterior nosebleeds. These are easy to control and rarely pose a problem. Posterior nosebleeds are rare, but much more serious. They originate from an artery in the back of the nose, and require immediate hospitalization and treatment. These are most common in the elderly.

You may want to consult an otolaryngologist if recurring nosebleeds are a problem. Fortunately, most nosebleeds are minor and rarely a cause for alarm. It is estimated that one out of every seven individuals suffer from at least one nosebleed in his or her lifetime.

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