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Allergy Center in South Jersey

At Advanced ENT we have the largest and most experienced Otolaryngic allergy center in south Jersey. Our physicians have a long history of treating allergies and allergic diseases.

We treat both adults and children over 12 years of age. Our physicians and clinicians at Advanced ENT make patient care our top priority. Our goal is to make the patient experience as pleasant as possible and address the needed symptom relief. We encourage patients who have questions concerning allergies and treatment to please contact our office and one of our experienced allergy technicians will address the question or concern.


The first line of therapy for allergies is avoidance. Knowing what activates allergies through testing allows allergy sufferers to avoid being exposed to harmful triggers. Advanced ENT helps its patients by giving them knowledge on what to avoid to keep their allergies in check.


  • Immunotherapy is one of the only scientifically proven methods to control allergies in the long-term. Ideal for those who cannot avoid allergic triggers and have problems managing their allergies or do not like feeling “medicated”.
  • Allergy shots are a once-a-week injection given in our office(s).
  • Sublingual therapy is a convenient way of administering immunotherapy. Drops are placed under the tongue once a day at home by the patient.
  • Allergy tablets are an alternative to shots. Patients take a once-a-day tablet that dissolves quickly under the tongue. The tablet(s) help with the most common allergies (from grass and ragweed).

Inhalants and Allergic Rhinitis

Allergies or Allergic Rhinitis is a disorder that occurs when the body detects foreign substances called allergens. Allergies occur because the body’s defense system mistakes harmless allergens for something potentially harmful. The symptoms of allergic rhinitis occur when a substance called histamine is released into the blood. The histamine causes the most common symptoms of allergies, such as sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, runny nose, itchy throat and a stuffy nose. Other less common symptoms a patient might experience include chronic sinusitis, dizziness, ear problems, rashes, hives and stomach problems.

Food Allergy

Food allergy is a progressive disease that builds on itself. An allergic individual becomes progressively worse until their symptoms become severe enough to seek medical treatment.

Fungal Allergy

Fungus lives on our skin naturally. A break in the skin can allow the fungus to enter the body, resulting in an infection. This infection can cause a variety of symptoms, including rashes and gastrointestinal problems.

To make an appointment with Advanced ENT Allergy Center in South Jersey, call (856) 602-4000 or click here to make an appointment via our secure Patient Portal.