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Advanced ENT & Allergy participates in most types of medical insurance plans including Medicare and most HMO’s, PPO’s and many other private insurance plans. It is important that you are familiar with your type of insurance. If your insurance requires you to pay a deductible and/or co-pay, we are legally responsible for collecting that deductible and/or co-pay at the time service is rendered. If you belong to an HMO, it is your responsibility to obtain the proper referral from your primary care physician. Patients will not be seen without referrals. Failure to have the proper referral may cause a delay in your being seen or even cancellation of your appointment. Also, if you have had any studies done such as an MRI or CT scan, please bring those studies with you. Radiologists regularly send reports but they do not send the actual images. You must bring either the films or the computer disk with you to the office. The radiology office will provide you with this but you have to ask for it. If we have to search for the results of these studies, you exam will be delayed.

For more information regarding our financial policy, please call the office at (856) 667-1575 and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding your insurance. For information about billing or to answer questions about statements you may have received, please call Millennia Patient Services at (866) 270-8965.

Below is a partial list of insurance companies with whom we participate. If your insurance company is not listed, we may still be participating. You should check your participating physician manual given to you by your insurance company or contact us and we will be glad to check for you.

Click here to download a PDF on how deductibles, coinsurance and copays work.

Regardless of your medical insurance coverage, you may still incur out of pocket expenses for non-covered services that may be offered through Advanced ENT & Allergy, Hear MD or Paragon Med Spa. Because of this, Advanced ENT & Allergy offers the Wells Fargo Health Advantage Credit Card.

For information about Billing, please contact Millennia Patient Services at (866) 270-8965.

Need to pay your bill? Want to schedule an appointment with one of our providers? No problem! You can login to our secure Patient Portal by clicking here to create or access your account. You can always call (856) 602-4000 to schedule an appointment.


New and returning patients can request an appointment with Advanced ENT & Allergy by clicking here. You can also login to our secure patient portal. New patients will need to create an account by contacting our office and providing your email address to our staff. Our staff will then activate your portal account and email you a portal invitation. Click here to get started.

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