To ensure the safety of our patients, staff, and providers, Advanced ENT has limited our operational hours and staff due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Our offices will now be opened from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday. Our Stratford office will remain closed. Starting the week of May 4th we will start seeing more patients in our offices with a limited schedule and heightened safety measures. Telemedicine appointments will still be available for higher risk patients and for routine follow ups (test results, prescription refills, etc). PLEASE CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE SAFETY MEASURES PRIOR TO YOUR OFFICE VISIT.



To discuss your healthcare needs while staying within the safety of your home, Advanced ENT has implemented Telemedicine.

This is a virtual office visit where our physicians can guide you face-to-face online through your health issues and even order appropriate medications, lab work, testing and imaging studies. In this way, we can discuss not only COVID 19 symptoms, but all ENT issues in a safe and efficient manner. This technology will also allow us to connect to some of you who are far away, need medical advice or simply need refills on prescriptions. The use of telemedicine will ensure that our clinics have limited to no waiting time and reduces your time away from your daily activities.

For those patients who require detailed physical examination, telemedicine can be used as a screening tool to assess if you need acute care. If you do need to be seen in the office, we still have multiple office locations that are open and easily accessible.

We have taken steps in all of our offices to maintain a safe environment for you which includes:

  • Staggering patients throughout the day
  • Disinfecting all exam rooms between patient visits
  • Wearing personal protective equipment during the examination

To further reduce the risk of spread of the virus, the doctor and the staff may greet you with a mask on and even ask you to wait in your car while the doctor is getting ready. Again, in these unprecedented times we do encourage you to stay at home and try our telemedicine portal but we understand the importance of an examination in person and we are here for you.

Last but not least, with the start of allergy season, there are a lot of similarities between the mild coronavirus symptoms and allergic rhinitis, so it is important to discuss these symptoms with our board certified physicians and allergist.

Advanced ENT is committed to working together with you to ensure a safe and healthy experience during this very unique and dynamic time.

To schedule a telemedicine appointment click here or call (856) 602-4000.


You will receive an email or text message from (see image below). Click the link from the prompts and you will be directed to your appointment. Please watch the helpful walkthrough video to the right. For a better patient experience, we recommend using a device that allows for video.

If you have any questions or need additional help, please call (856) 602-4000.

Telemedicine at Advanced ENT

Need to pay your bill? Want to schedule an appointment with one of our providers? No problem! You can login to our secure Patient Portal by clicking here to create or access your account. You can always call (856) 602-4000 to schedule an appointment.

Patient Portal


New and returning patients can also request an appointment with Advanced ENT by logging into our secure patient portal. New patients will need to create an account by contacting our office and providing your email address to our staff. Our staff will then activate your portal account and email you a portal invitation. Click here to get started.

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