Voice and Resonance Disorders

Voice and resonance disorders are common especially among professional voice users and people who tend to strain their voice such as gym teachers and coaches. Dysfunction of the vocal cords can also occur following neck surgery. Viral infections and trauma to the nerves that innervate the laryngeal muscles can paralysis of one or both vocal cords.  Any one of the above causes persistent hoarseness.

Hoarseness that persists for more than two weeks is abnormal and requires an examination of the vocal cords. This evaluation is done using a small endoscope call a laryngoscope. Laryngoscopy is done in the office using topical anesthesia.

In recent years, new technology called stroboscopy has been developed to better evaluate and diagnose vocal cord dysfunction. The laryngeal strobe can slow down or stop the motion of the vocal cords and produces a video and audio recording during phonation. This allows the laryngologist to get a clearer picture of the function or dysfunction of the vocal cords during phonation. This technology is now available in our practice.

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